About Sex Therapy

What does a specialist in sex therapy do?

Many people have a misconception of what goes on in an office of a sex and relationship specialist. When I tell people that I deal mainly with sexual issues, they usually giggle nervously because they imagine me literally "teaching" patients how to have sex, in a large bed. In reality, I see patients for a wide variety of problems, often not sexual as the root cause, but rather as a manifestation or symptom. Conditions that one would consult a specialist in sexuality for could include: premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties, low sexual desire, painful intercourse, sexual and gender orientation issues, and sexual trauma. As a clinical psychologist, I also see clients seeking help for their relationships. The most common issues are communication difficulties, infidelity, desire discrepancies and sexual incompatibility.

Are most sexual problems curable?

Absolutely! With the right therapeutic approach, motivation, patience and commitment, a sexual problem can be overcome. Please note that in some cases there is a medical basis for the problem, and sometimes medical attention is also required.

I would be very embarrassed to discuss a sexual problem with a complete stranger. Is that common?

Very common. Specialists in the area of sexuality are trained to help you, not to judge you. Besides, there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. A sexual problem should be no more embarrassing than a broken arm. Our minds and bodies are fragile, and there's nothing wrong with requiring a little extra care.

If a couple has a problem, do they both have to go for therapy?

It is preferable, but not imperative, especially if your partner is resistant. It is better that you come alone, than not come at all. When it comes to couple issues, the ostrich in the sand approach never works.

How long does therapy last?

It all depends on how long the problem has been there, on whether the problem is medical or psychological, how motivated the client is, and how committed they are to doing the exercises prescribed by the therapist.

Can a therapist prescribe medication, such as something for erectile dysfunction?

No, a therapist is not a medical doctor, and therefore cannot prescribe any drugs. The therapist can, however, assess the condition and communicate with the client's medical doctor, and make recommendations.

Is the general public well informed about subjects that are sexual in nature?

Unfortunately, sex is still very much taboo in many households. Unless people get the facts, they are going to be somewhat uninformed, through no fault of their own. It is important to get all the facts so that we can make intelligent decisions. Likewise, to raise aware and responsible children, we must present them with accurate and honest information, so that they can make better choices.

Do you see clients, and how can you be reached?

Yes, I see clients in my private practice. I can be reached by phone at
(514) 984-5910 or by e-mail.


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